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LS Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with BeiJing 
Research Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Technology

On Jun 11, 2018, LS Group held the Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Technology(BRIMET) in Zhangzhou. In recent years, LS Group has a vast cooperation potential with Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Technology in terms of forging, heat treatment technology, intelligent manufacturing and so on. The signing of strategic cooperation framework agreement will be more efficient to develop the technological advantage of both parties and to achieve association between strong enterprises.

The vice chief engineer Bian Yi of BRIMET, the director of heat treatment engineering and technology center Xianjun Li of BRIMET, the general manager of LS Group Jinhui Chen, the chief engineer of LS Group Zhixiong Chen and relevant responsible persons attended the Signing Ceremony.

The both parties had in-depth discussions in a friendly atmosphere, exchanged views and reached consensus. Finally, Fanpei Zeng and Fengshou Liang represented the both parties respectively to sign the agreement.